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If you lack confidence or ideas, get inspired by these strong women. Find out how they overcame their challenges and what advice they may have for you.


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Nanna and Jane Ulsøe
Nanna and Jane Ulsøe , sisters from Denmark, have organically built their company CanvasPlanner over the last few years. They say that “being able to build a healthy work environment together as sisters is really nice” .
Marija Rucevska
Marija Rucevska may be young but she is already well known in the Baltic tech start-up scene. As the co-founder and former CEO of TechChill and Helve, she thrives on taking on challenges. Her most recent project is the largest and most complicated...
Karen Dolva
Picture Copyright: No Isolation Loneliness is one of the most prominent issues facing people today, increasing early mortality rates by 26% , and increasing the risk of heart disease and strokes by 29% and 32% respectively. Norwegian startup co-...
Silvia Hecher
Picture copyright: Ivary Austrian startup founder Silvia Hecher set up Ivary following her own experiences with fertility issues and her work within the medical profession as a journalist and fertility coach, finding that “it was difficult to get...
Tatiana Fabeck
Luxembourgish architect Tatiana Fabeck has built her namesake company, Fabeck Architectes, from the ground up over the past two decades – “I must say that I work quite hard and a lot, but it’s my passion.” Fabeck Architectes are committed to...
Sabien Windels
For Sabien Windels, the green fingered-CEO of urban farming business, ROOF FOOD, the most defining element of being an entrepreneur is not your gender, but the causes you believe in. “I’m female but I don’t see myself as a female ambassador,” she...
Jeanette Forbes
Breaking through barriers in the male dominated sectors of ICT and Oil & Gas takes a huge amount of conviction, resilience and vision. And that’s exactly how entrepreneur Jeanette Forbes managed to thrive in the business world. She rose from...
Soňa Pohlová
What started as an ambitious entry for a design competition has made Slovakian architect Soňa Pohlová and her partner into a team of ecological entrepreneurs. Soňa is part of a team of architects, who submitted a bid in 2009 for a competition to...
Melody Hossaini
To former The Apprentice contestant, Melody Hossaini, teaching young people to seek careers according to “who” they want to be when they are older rather than “what” could help them make decisions and live a happier life.
Marie Lora-Mungai
French journalist-turned-entrepreneur Marie Lora-Mungai was told as a child that she could do anything she wanted in life and she certainly did that. Aged 24, she made a bold decision to give up a career in New York to make it on her own in Africa...