Support policies and schemes for women’s entrepreneurship can be found here. This section also includes the legislative framework at national and EU level. Find websites and platforms that gather and summarise regulations, directives, decisions, resolutions, recommendations and opinions that promote and support female entrepreneurship.

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  • Lidere (Latvia)
  • AIPPIMM Agentia Pentru Implementarea Proiectelor si Programelor Pentru – Agency for the Implementation of Programmes and Projects (Romania)
  • HCGC Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (Greece)
  • SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (Greece)
  • IME GSEVEE Iνστιτούτο Μικρών Επιχειρήσεων της Γενικής Συνομοσπονδίας Επαγγελματιών Βιοτεχνών Εμπόρων Ελλάδας – Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (Greece)
  • ESEE Ελληνική Συνομοσπονδία Εμπορίου & Επιχειρηματικότητας – Hellenic Confederation of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (Greece)
  • EEDEGE Εθνικό Επιμελητηριακό Δίκτυο Ελληνίδων Γυναικών Επιχειρηματιών – Hellenic Network of Chambers of Greek Entrepreneurs (Greece)
  • Business and Professional Women (Greece)
  • Γενική Γραμματεία Βιομηχανίας – General Secretariat for Industry (Greece)
  • i2b (Austria)
  • WBC Women’s Business Council (United Kingdom)
  • Intel Education
  • iforU (Greece)
  • JUMP blog
  • ILO International Labour Organisation
  • Swedish programme for Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship (Sweden)
  • Scottish Framework and Action Plan for Women’s Enterprise (United Kingdom)
  • Strategy of Women Entrepreneurship Development 2014-2020 (Croatia)
  • Maternity assistance for self-employed women (Belgium)
  • Longer, more flexible and transferable maternity leave for the self-employed (Belgium)
  • EU directive on the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation
  • EU directive on self-employed workers and equal treatment between men and women
  • Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-2019
  • European Parliament resolution on women entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized enterprises