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Hanna Bruce


Owner and CEO of Växbo Lin

“Dare to try new things. Just go for it, focus on the positive side and you will manage.”


Hanna Bruce, owner and CEO of Växbo Lin


  •  One of the last factories specialising in producing linen products in Sweden
  •  The company currently employs 13 people
  •  It has also developed into a tourist attraction

Hanna Bruce started working in the Växbo linen factory as a summer guide in 1993. Her grandmother was a keen weaver and spinner, and her grandfather was a furniture-maker, so perhaps the weaving tradition was in her genes. After many years away, she and her partner decided to return to Växbo – around 300 km north of Stockholm – and to buy the old linen factory. In this video for WEgate, she tells her story, from the initial teething troubles, such as acquiring the necessary capital, to how she sees her company in the future.

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