On November 19th 2021, WEgate team organized another inspiring event for women entrepreneurs and the WE supporting organisations – “WEgate motivational café – reach your potential”. The online event gathered 18 attendees from various European countries, and presented different aspects of peoples’ psychological needs and how to understand them, to help maintain motivation to reach the desired goals.

The motivational café was led by Melita Cepin, founder of Uella – Women Founders Emotional Care, who is passionate to co-create better relationships between people, especially in the workplace. As a transaction analyst in the field of education and organisations, she advocates for equal economic opportunities and support women entrepreneurs.

Within the online event was enabled sharing good practices and experiences, gaining insight into what motivation for women entrepreneurs means, how to find motivation and not give up on the path to success, and what actually motivation and inspiration are. Participants were also able to receive individual feedback from the speaker, guiding them through the concept.

As entrepreneurship is a difficult path, often lonely and risky, and emotionally very stressful, it is important to share experiences and learn from other peer-entrepreneurs, sharing their needs and constraints, and gaining a fresh perspective on businesses and goals, and encouraging each other to reach new levels of success in business and life.

Many aspects were covered during the motivational café – understanding your psychological needs, understanding the hunger, how to communicate with your coworkers as a leader in order to set up the working environment to support their needs, and the importance of recognition in the daily activities, which impacts directly the motivation.

If you missed the Motivational café and would like to watch it, you can find the recording below: