On 26 October 2016, Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Madrid celebrated their tenth anniversary during an event in Madrid. To mark the occasion, the organisation proposed a ‘Decalogue’ to educators, the government, media, companies and other sectors of society, intended to increase women’s presence in management positions.

Their Decalogue is as follows:

  1. As a society, we need to update the models of business leadership and not stigmatise men who share the care of children.
  2. As government, it is clear that self-regulation has not worked and we must articulate the necessary legislation for the promotion of women to senior management positions.
  3. As women, we must dare to take on new challenges, move out of our comfort zone and engage companies to shift and combat gender prejudice.
  4. In companies, the commitment of senior management is key to progress and should invest in mentoring programs for future leaders.
  5. Regarding education, both women and men must be trained in new patterns and greater emotional intelligence skills that encourage management of differences applied to the business world.
  6. From institutions, we must reward the outstanding talent and the companies that are socially responsible in gender matters.
  7. From media, they should make an effort to give visibility to female talent and be more respectful with the role assigned to women.
  8. From the associations, we must share our progress and be able to dialogue to find common areas of collaboration.
  9. From the families, we must instil values ​​to our children such as a better distribution of tasks and respect for people.
  10. As individuals, we have to work to align our personal factors with the organisational ones and turn our talent into value.