CNA IMPRESA DONNA (CID) supports women in helping them to start and manage their own business and gives visibility to women entrepreneurs.

Currently, the organisation represents more than 40,000 business owners, associates, professional and self-employed workers. Their goal is to foster the development of female entrepreneurship and equal opportunities. As well as carry out actions aimed at training and improving the general working conditions of women, and promote policies to create conditions of equality between men and women in the world of work and civil society.

Sharing experiences
However, it is in sharing experience and engaging in teamwork which are the 2 key-elements in where the organisation sees growth and development, particularly in their yearly training meetings. These meetings represent women entrepreneurs at a European, national and regional level and enhance their potential at all levels of governance. These meetings also help to support women entrepreneurs and overcome the socio-cultural and economic restrictions, which they face and identify actions aimed at removing obstacles that are a direct or indirect discrimination against them.

The #SheMeansBusiness movement
One event in which CNA IMPRESA DONNA (CID) has been active in is #SheMeansBusiness. Events take place in central and southern Italy with the objective to provide training on digital skills to female entrepreneurs. Since the scheme started in 2018, it has become a global Facebook project which helps women grow their business and to provide them with the tools, training and examples necessary to achieve their goals. In addition to training programmes around Italy, it also provides women with a website to consult on training materials and be inspired by stories of successful entrepreneurs.

Supporting younger entrepreneurs
The organisation also has other initiatives such as the ‘Vie en rose’, created in collaboration with the Municipality of Bagnolo, which promotes the social value of young female entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, the ‘Next Lab – Future Direction’ is another initiative organised by the Young Entrepreneurs of CNA, which gathers the ideas and points of view of young people relating to the ‘social lift.’ This refers to a mechanism in Italy which aims to elevate young entrepreneurs within the labour market. This also involves contributing to policies that can stimulate social mobility, remove the causes that generate inequality and reward young people who decide to go it alone.