The Lady Business Club is Poland’s first nationwide club for women entrepreneurs. In addition to 2 years’ experience managing a business, members must share a drive to take on new business partners, trends and skills.

Members may have their own businesses, but the Lady Business Club is there to help them boost visibility through:
•    active brand promotion
•    business contacts
•    implementing changes in business according to #MakeYourBusinessBetter
•    client relations and mapping
•    mentoring and brainstorming sessions with business experts
•    increased online visibility and marketing

Since 2011, the Lady Business Club has helped hundreds of ambitious women entrepreneurs take their brand to the next level in Poland and beyond.

Showcasing members’ success
The Lady Business Club believes that personal and professional development go hand in hand. This is why Club Founder Emilia Bartosiewicz-Brożyna decided to set up the Lady Business Club Foundation in 2017.

The Foundation supports and showcases members’ business successes through:
•    Lady Business Awards
•    Facebook page
•    ‘Make Your Business Better’ Business Programme for Business Owners
•    Tell Your Story & interview portal
•    e-books for entrepreneurs

So far, the Foundation has helped organise more than 80 conferences and over 60 brainstorming sessions in Warsaw, Sopot, Katowice, Kraków, Bydgoszcz and Suwałki.

Reaching a wider audience
To reach more Polish women entrepreneurs, the Lady Business Club works in partnership with industry stakeholders, organisations and institutions to implement projects that help women run companies in Poland and abroad. An emphasis is placed on promotion and PR actions which help members to build their own, personal brands.