“Success flower” is the first and most respectable award in Serbia established to promote the most successful women entrepreneurs. On October 28, 2020 the event was organized for the 14th time by the Association of Business Women in Serbia (ABW Serbia) with support of various stakeholders, institutions, international development programs, corporate sponsors, ABW members, media and others. Since 2007 more than 500 women entrepreneurs have been promoted and 134 have been awarded at this event.

ABW Serbia continues with practice of awarding special recognition to those women entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable results according to some of the criteria of the main categories. Also, special non-competitive recognition was awarded to the Best Mentoring Pairs, as well as for Contribution to Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Serbia and Academic Contribution to Women’s Entrepreneurship.

Three years ago, as part of the Success Flower manifestation, a new award was also established, in the category of the Most Gender Sensitive Company, in order to promote large companies implementing gender responsiveness and socially responsible business strategies in their business, the principles of women’s empowerment of the United Nations Agency on Gender Equality (UN WOMEN), with particular focus on the best models of women’s involvement in supplier chains.

Due to the pandemic crisis, the event was organized online for the first time, live via streaming, so that participants from EU and other countries, in addition to Serbia and the region could participate.

The award is a unique incentive for business women who bravely fight all obstacles in business, but at the same time contributes to their affirmation and promotion.

Have a glimpse of the event here.