The common interest of a particular group of businesswomen and professionals in influencing society to strengthen women enterprising and careers comes to life through the WOMEN’S ECONOMIC CHAMBER – ALBANIA. After decades of experience in several business and consultancy areas, this group of women can synchronize the knowledge, energy and will to contribute, in a way that can pass it across to plenty of other ventures. They represent a group of women in business that share the same challenges, pointing out the differences in business among men and women, especially in Albania, where women own only 30% from the total number of the business.

Career businesswomen face tremendous challenges on the local and global level: low access to finance for women than men, while in developing countries, the challenges women face, are even more complex. Despite these challenges, women are a precious potential and everlasting source of energy.

Therefore, the association aims to protect the economic and social interests of enterprising, professional and self-employed women, from all sectors of the economy and to service them through the development of preferential policies for economic and social support, promotional and growth activities, national and regional cooperations, studies, publishing channels, projects and consultancy.  Their main objective is to empower woman’s in business, to increase their capacity and business incomes.

The main services of the association are:

  • Providing up to date information.
  • Lobbying for good policy practice and law regulations.
  • Wide network exchange rate between woman’s
  • Training/ mentoring packets for women in business and their employees
  • Market expansion in the regional level

They provide these services by having their voice heard in local and central government, by creating different focus groups with women who are specialized in certain fields, supporting the internationalization of women SMEs, consulting, providing networking and partnership opportunities among members. These activities lead towards increased women’s professional capacities, improved working conditions and better income, promotion of women in business and to make their work valued by society and authorities. The chamber has many strategic partners and collaborators, such as different embassies, the Municipality of Tirana, businesses, NGOs, media, and relevant ministries, supporting the cause by adjusting policies and laws that concern women entrepreneurship.

This initiative shows how far women can come, by working together for a higher purpose – empowering women in business.

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