The WEgate Community Council members met on December 03, 2021, to update on the WEgate activities for 2021, update on the WEgate Council matters such as membership, communication space/tools and policy brief document and consultation on the launch of the third WEgate Thematic group and peer learning activities for 2021.

The Council is the steering group of the WEgate Community, established by and relating to the WEgate initiative and joined by the key stakeholders operating in different fields of women entrepreneurship support. The WEgate Community council will increase the impact of the WEgate community by bringing together the different actors in co-creating a refreshed, more dynamic and vibrant community of women entrepreneurs.

An overview of the WEgate activities was provided, heightening the peer-learning programme and introduction of the training academies, news in the networking (annual summit) activities and introduction of the WEgate awards for women entrepreneurs and side-events organized by WE stakeholders, the findings from the 2021 WEbarometer marketplace and thematic group policy and programmes for WE presented findings in the related policy brief.

2022 editions will cover new WEgate training academy in a form of a study visit combining learning and networking elements, WEgate peer-learning webinar, WEgate annual summit with a  modified approach for the award ceremony, WEbarometer report and new operational thematic group on Access to finance.

Meet the Council members, WEgate’s co-creators and collaborators, representing reputed organisations from the women entrepreneurship ecosystem and women empowerment champions in their own right: