Strong women in IT project proudly presents the “Strong Women in IT 2021 – Global Edition” report. Two hundred representatives in the IT industry worldwide were researched for this report, dividing respondents into corporate executives and women who are managing startups. This allowed the researchers to obtain quantitative data and take a closer look at the profiles of modern women in IT, see the details of their daily efforts, learn how they perceive success and failure, and sometimes hear very personal expressions from their professional and private lives. This all adds up to a more accurate picture of an industry where women are still a minority.

This year’s report specifically addresses the difficulties experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. All of the respondents have experienced the new reality of remote work. However, this was not the main challenge for corporation managers, probably due to the size of the organization and the current work methods. As much as 28% of corporate representatives feel that team management has been the most difficult during the pandemic. After a year of working in non-standard conditions, women emphasized the importance of the leader’s role in supporting the team and flexible management.

Why do we want everyone to know our report’s results?

Almost 30% of the study’s participants admitted that there are still fewer women in IT companies, and 15% of women in top positions still face stereotypes. Reports such as “Strong Women in IT” are vital to combat preconceived ideas about women in the technology industry.

The report is created by the “Strong Women in IT” project, aiming to show the importance of women in the development of new technologies. Their profiles, presented in the report, will provide mutual motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to break free of stereotypes. The report also includes information and guidance to help other women advance in their careers and professional development. Strong Women in IT project creates standards for women in high positions in the technology industry. It aims to promote the best market practices in the function of women in business. “Strong Woman” symbolizes the modern entrepreneurial woman, her consistency in pursuing goals and dreams, creativity, perseverance, and flexibility.

You can download the report here