In Romania, there is a growing community of ‘mother entrepreneurs’. Mamprenoare is a business hub and accelerator for women who want to start their own business or take on a new career after maternity leave. It is dedicated to helping mothers find the community support, financial resources, entrepreneurial training and visibility to realise their business prospects.
Whatever their interests or level of experience, members of the Mamprenoare community have access to:
•    Mamprenoare Café – a monthly networking event in several cities in Romania
•    Mentoring and coaching programmes
•    Entrepreneurship workshops, webinars and conferences

Mamprenoare founder, Alina Bota, leads a 1-to-1 mentoring programme. With her 18 years’ experience, Bota has come up with 10 steps to guide mothers in starting a business from scratch.

Building a community of champions
Mamprenoare’s community of entrepreneurs has many outlets for engaging and promoting their business ideas. An online platform connects members from all over Romania, giving them an opportunity to showcase their business services or products. Other platforms include the Mampren Blog, along with the Mamprenoare Facebook and YouTube channels.
The Mamprenoare Magazine features articles written by members about the challenges and successes of becoming entrepreneurs.
Mamprenoare collaborates with other organisations in events raising awareness of women entrepreneurship in Romania.

Juggling the transition
Being a new mother is challenging enough, without adding the stress of a new career or business endeavour. Mamprenoare wants to support their entrepreneurial aspirations so that as their families grow, so can their businesses.
Most members have limited time and involvement. This is why all events are kid-friendly and mentoring programmes are as flexible as possible.
In the last 3 years, Mamprenoare has provided education, advice and inspiration to more than 500 women all over Romania. Some of these women have launched start-ups and now have companies with 2-3 or more employees.