The Mors Business Network is a community of ‘mum’ entrepreneurs – or mumpreneurs – in Denmark. Launched in 2014, the Network caters to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs, who also happen to be mothers.

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Today, the Network has over 500 members: women who want to start their own businesses or who are already self-employed professionals. These women can navigate the entrepreneurial arena together, while getting first-hand advice on how to balance family and work.

Building connections
According to Mors Business Network founder Christine Gouchault, whether an entrepreneur is male or female, what he or she really needs to be successful is a strong support system.

Gouchault thinks that women entrepreneurs in particular need to get connected – not just online, but in person. That’s why the Network hosts small, intimate meet-ups. Each meet-up group is dedicated to a specific subject or interest that allows members to get answers or feedback on their sales, marketing, management or any other business needs. From these group introductions, the Network hopes members will build real, substantive and lasting professional connections.

The Network’s workshops and events for female entrepreneurs in Denmark have received the attention and sponsorship of of larger organisations and businesses, including the Danish-UK AssociationSchool for Mothers and Bo Concept.

Gouchault has also published a book Business Mum: three steps to success in running your own business and being a mum, to share her experience with other mum entrepreneurs, which is available in Denmark, the UK and the US.

Creating an open, inclusive community
For many women, motherhood brings with it huge changes and can lead to tension between personal aspirations and family responsibilities. Through the Network, members have many ways to share experiences – both struggles and successes – and learn from each other.

Even if its primary focus is on mothers, the Mors Business Network fosters an open and inclusive business community. In line with this philosophy, it welcomes entrepreneurs with or without families – whatever their gender identification – at their events.