Stories of women chasing their dreams and reaching top positions in the IT industry are what inspires and motivates us to work every day. We know how important it is to share those stories and encourage others to do so. “Strong Women in IT” is an initiative started in 2018 by a Polish entrepreneur Anita Kijanka and a group of young women working with her.

Since 2018 we have been creating the standards of women’s presence at managerial positions in the new technology industry”, Anita explains. “Our goal is to promote the best market practices regarding the functioning of women in business. We bring together women who are building the world of new technology and IT.”

How do they do it? By creating annual reports, where they present images of female leaders and practices in the spirit of Diversity & Inclusion implemented by organizations from the new technologies industry.

So far, Strong Women in IT community have created three reports:

  • “55 women of IT” – presented images of women who have found themselves in the IT industry.
  • “Strong Women in IT 2019” – continued the idea of presenting images of female leaders in the new technologies industry.
  • “Strong Leaders Creator in IT 2020” – promoted companies taking action in the area of career support for women and the idea of Diversity & Inclusion.


The initiative goes global

Until now, they have been focusing on researching Polish representatives of the IT field, but this year they have decided to broaden their perspective. “Strong Women in IT Global” – the 4th edition of the report – will aim to share stories of successful women in the IT industry worldwide.

“This year we are renewing the idea of the 2019 edition. However, this time we have decided to invite female leaders from all around the world”, says Anita. “We will be able to create a supportive global community that hopefully becomes an inspiration and motivation for other women.”

But this project won’t exist without all of the Strong Women willing to become a part of it. The only criteria to participate is to be a woman working at a managerial position in the new technology industry.


How to become a part of the report

Do you want to share your story? Or maybe there are women in your community, whose strength, determination and successes  are worth sharing with the world? “Strong Women in IT Global” is waiting for your application! How can you do it?

  1. Go to the website:
  2. If you are willing to share your experience and your way to becoming a leader in a new technologies field, apply by clicking on the JOIN button. If you would like to submit an application for someone from your community, please do so with the NOMINATE button.
  3. Fill in the qualification questionnaire
  4. The organizers will contact you or the woman of your choice within 3 days and invite you or her to participate in the report.

Collecting report submissions ends on July 30th and the official release of the report is planned for Fall 2021.


Anita Kijanka, Strong Women in IT project initiator, CEO at Come Creations Group