We know that “behind every woman is herself”. But some timely advice, funding, networking opportunities and accurate information can come in handy too!

Find national, EU and international websites dedicated to entrepreneurs below. Watch out for those tagged ‘for women entrepreneurs’ as they target women in particular.

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As some information is relevant to both women and men, please keep in mind that some results will target women in particular, while others will be relevant to entrepreneurs in general.

  • APID Imprenditorialità Donna – Female Entrepreneurship (Italy)
  • Professional Women’s Network Lyon (France)
  • SI Svenska institutet – Swedish Institute (Sweden)
  • Network Ireland (Ireland)
  • Professional Women’s Network London (UK)
  • Professional Women’s Network Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Atvinnumál kvenna – Employment of women (Iceland)
  • Professional Women’s Network Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Professional Women’s Network Munich (Germany)
  • FAME Federación Andaluza de Mujeres Empresarias – Andalusian Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (Spain)
  • FKA Félag kvenna í atvinnulífinu – Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland (Iceland)
  • Professional Women’s Network Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Mood Magazine (Hungary)
  • Professional Women’s Network Dublin (Ireland)
  • Professional Women’s Network Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Association for Women’s Career Development in Hungary (Hungary)
  • Professional Women’s Network Madrid (Spain)
  • ACEE Associació Catalana d’Empresàries i Executives – Catalan Association of Entrepreneurs and Executives (Spain)
  • Professional Women’s Network Bilbao (Spain)
  • Women On Top (Greece)
  • Professional Women’s Network Barcelona (Spain)
  • Εθνικό Επιμελητηριακό Δίκτυο Ελληνίδων Γυναικών Επιχειρηματιών – National Chamber Network of Women Entrepreneurs (Greece)
  • Professional Women’s Network Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • OMEP Organización Murciana de Mujeres Empresarias y Profesionales de la Región de Murcia – Organization of Business and Professional Women of the Region of Murcia (Spain)