PWN Global has the sole aim to accelerate gender balanced leadership within business and society. They are doing this through professional development and international, cross-industry networking. Their workshops, talks, events and programmes focus on balanced leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship.
Currently there are 3,500 members across 29 networks with 30% of their global membership base being female entrepreneurs with aspirations to establish and develop their own business ideas.
To date, the organisation collaborates with 27 city networks scattered across Europe and with 2 outside of Europe.

Courses on how to combine family, career and personal life
Women can sign up for the organisation’s virtual entrepreneurship programme which is accredited by the EU Business School. The global programme, titled “Developing Business, through Mind, Body and Heart” is a hands-on resource for women entrepreneurs which focuses on personal and professional business talents and capacities.
The course is tailor-made for women who strive to combine family, career and personal life. Topics covered include:
•    moving your idea forward
•    running and growing a successful business
•    developing your unique business model – strategies and competencies
•    the art of negotiation
•    wellbeing and health

As well as training, PWN Global also encourages mentoring – one to one or group mentoring. Their mentoring programmes are one of the main areas where members of the organisation have seen personal development. For example, in the past 3 years 60% of people who participated in a PWN mentoring programme have gone on to achieve promotions and career changes.
However, there have been challenges to overcome as the VP Entrepreneurship of PWN Global, Patricia Zeegers explains: “Because the organisation is volunteer-led, the challenge we face is to bring consistency to the programmes we launch and run. We try to overcome this by building up teams around each programme.”