THE WOMAN is an organisation focused on creating and developing the first generations of female entrepreneurs in Romania. Their goal is to promote education and female leadership to the highest level through their events and company magazine.
Since 2012, they have become a source of professional development and inspiration for female entrepreneurs through their events which celebrate and award women who share the same vision.
They also ensure women stay up-to-date with all the latest developments at a national and international level on all things related to female entrepreneurship. The company’s Managing Partner, Crina Ciocian, believes that by motivating, celebrating and supporting women can empower them to create positive changes within the community. Sectors where women are making a difference in the past years include education, management, beauty, services, sports, auto, IT, television etc.

Empowering female entrepreneurs
One of their most celebrated events is The Woman Leadership Conference which annually brings over 700 leaders and international speakers. They also connect women globally through their Woman Connect retreat, Woman workshops and their Gala Awards. In addition, their Woman Magazine reaches out to Romanian entrepreneurs through topics which focus on career, business, and lifestyle. At present, they are working on a platform called Women Mentors that will help young people to learn and grow by matching Mentors with start-ups.

Investing in education is the key
The organisation believes that the best advice for any professional would be to invest in education. Therefore, they have focused attention on further training, inspiring through talks and promoting success stories.
However, they have experienced challenges, mainly in finding the right partners and in finding financial support to organise events and print their magazine to a high quality. They are overcoming their challenges with the help of a meticulous, hardworking team. In the future, The Woman hopes to collaborate with other organisations to reach more women who might want to start their own business and, be part of a vision for change.