The ‘Your Europe’ portal consists of two sections: one is dedicated to European Union (EU) citizens and their family (travel, health, residence formalities, education, consumers …) and the other one focuses on businesses in Europe. The latter is a practical guide to doing business in Europe and covers topics, such as how to start up and grow your business, legislation on staff, VAT and customs, product requirement and financing and funding.

In most cases, the EU rights described on the Your Europe portal apply to all EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and sometimes to Switzerland (this is specified in each section).

It links to national contact points and other EU services, such as ‘Europe Direct’ (information service of the EU), Enterprise Europe Network (supporting businesses), the Your Europe Advice (legal advice) and SOLVIT (problem-solving network). (The services are available in all EU languages and free of charge.)

The Your Europe portal is available in all official EU languages