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Marie Amigues


CEO of Altagram GmbH

Do not define yourself by gender. 

It is tough to create a company whether you’re a man or a woman.




Marie Amigues, founder and CEO of Altagram GmbH

  •  A firm specialising in video game localisation, from the associated general management, corporate development, and business operations to strategy
  •  Previously: founder and CEO of ANAKAN GmbH

Marie-Laurence Amigues founded her first company in the video game localisation industry in Berlin, ten years ago. With her team and partners, they have worked for many well-known clients, such as Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Today, she is the CEO of Altagram and WEgate asked her a few questions about her career and success.


WEgate: What can you tell us about your latest company?


Marie Amigues: Altagram represents the convergence of a passionate and talented team with years of experience in the video game localisation industry.


We offer a full range of localisation services for software titles in 35+ languages, across all gaming platforms and genres. From a few lines of translation to an extremely complex audio dubbing project, we treat each project with the same professionalism and put our expertise into every stage of the localisation process.


The company is over two years old and internally we have more than 20 people working full time. We also have an extensive network of freelance translators (600) and audio partners all over the world.


What or who inspired you to set up your own business and what support did you get?  


I always wanted to be my own boss and live in Berlin. Creating my first company in Berlin was the perfect setup to combine both dreams :-)


I was greatly supported by ‘Berlin Partner’, a state agency that helps new and already existing companies in many different ways.


Entrepreneurship is still often considered a man’s territory; what advice would you give young women who want to become an entrepreneur?


I don’t think we should define ourselves by gender.  We’re entrepreneurs. It is tough to create a company whether you’re a man or a woman.


My personal way of taking care of this (after creating two companies) is not to lose sight of my goals and stay focused. I also play sport at least twice a week which gives me inspiration when moments of great difficulty arise or I begin to doubt myself and my ideas. I gather my strength and keep working harder. Finally, I network with the most interesting people I can – whether they’re directly related to my business or not – and I always stay connected with my friends and family.


Inspiration or answers to difficult issues don’t always come from peers. Different ways of thinking sometimes helps me to look at a problem in a new way and find a solution.


What is your favourite part of your job?


Everything! From recruitment to management to business development and strategy to parties with my colleagues. I love this life!


Favourite quote/motto?


“Be curious and listen… to critics too!”


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