Last update 05/05/2020

Welcome to our WEgate - Relay hub, where you can find information on the support available to small businesses and entrepreneurs in these difficult COVID-19 times. What is your government doing to keep small business afloat; to keep the borders open to goods and services so that the Single Market can function? Help us keep our repository of support measures updated, and the community informed, by sharing any measures or national best practices we might have missed.


EU Support and Initiatives

  • COVID-19 - Council adopts measures for immediate release of funds
    Description: The EU is taking swift action to make available money to help tackle the effects of the COVID-19 
    pandemic. The Council today adopted two legislative acts to quickly release funding from the EU budget for tackling the COVID-19 crisis. One of the acts amends the rules of the structural and investment funds, while the other extends the scope of the EU Solidarity Fund.
  • Eurogroup agrees on COVID-19 economic policy response
    Description: Eurogroup’s agreement on a first set onf measures to mitigate socio-economic impacts of #COVID19. These include: small blue diamond fully flexible state-aid and fiscal rules; small blue diamond short-term liquidity for SMEs and small blue diamond €37 billion to fight the outbreak 
  • ECB announces easing of conditions for targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO III)

    Description: The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) today decided to modify some of the key parameters of the third series of targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO III) to support the continued access of firms and households to bank credit in the face of disruptions and temporary funding shortages associated with the coronavirus outbreak. The changes will apply to all TLTRO III operations.


Useful Links (Non-EU/Non-MS)

  • COVID-19 requires gender-equal responses to save economies- UNCTAD  

    Description: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not gender neutral, as it affects men and women differently. Therefore, we must not be gender blind in our responses to the pandemic, or else women will carry a disproportionately higher economic cost than men. Globally, women are more vulnerable to economic shocks wrought by crises such as the coronavirus pandemic. 

  •  From Our CEO: we will fight this pandemic together- UNILEVER  

    Description: Great idea from UNILEVER that goes along the same line as ESBA’s PayIn7 campaign calling all public bodies at local, national and EU level across Europe to respond to the cash squeeze caused by the #COVID19 crisis. To help tackle this pandemic, UNILEVER is donating €100m of soap, sanitiser, bleach and food to emergency efforts; supporting vulnerable suppliers/customers with €500m of cash flow relief; and protecting their workforce from sudden drops in pay.